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14 de octubre de 2021

Common Bonnet

Mycena galericulata, also known as the Common Bonnet, is a species of fungi found in various regions throughout the world. This species of fungi was found to have both asexual and sexual reproduction cycles (Möhlmann 2011). Asexual reproduction was found to often occur through a process called mycelial fragmentation and sporogenesis but is much less common (Möhlmann 2011). The link between the two sexual cycles was hypothesized to be as a result of the short-term advantage of asexual reproduction, enabling evolution but resulted in a long-term disadvantage that allowed for the sexual reproductive cycle to create balance (Möhlmann 2011). While further research is required, it is interesting to see the correlation between asexual and sexual reproduction and how they can be simultaneously used to further evolve Mycena galericulata efficiently while increasing the genetic variation among this species.

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