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19 de junio de 2023


One of my favorite things to observe and photograph is Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). At the start of 2019 (2 years B.I. i.e. before I found Inat) my life list was at 0. Fast forward 4 years later and I'm at 118 research grade and counting :), with hopefully many more to go. Before Inat, butterflies meant either a Monarch, or a western tiger swallowtail (since that was the extent of my knowledge). Thankfully, Inat has exposed me to so much more, and motivated me to find even more! I'll like to thank my identifiers for helping and sharing this journey especially to people like @akk2, @tvl, @birdernaturalist, @roomthily, @stomlins701, @brianhem, @konrad_k, @aguilita. Thanks again, and if you're curious about the journey, my lifelist broken down my family and year can be found here

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