New Asilidae Forum

This is a modified copy of the message I sent out to the Asilidae mailing list, for those not included in that:

I have created a new forum for discussing topics and sharing files on Asilidae. It uses Slack (, a free browser-based or desktop/mobile app for team collaboration. Some of the features of Slack are: real-time text messaging, voice chat, document sharing, etc.

Currently, the intent is that this forum will be restricted to asilid workers, or at least folks with a specific and keen interest in Asilidae. If this is something that would interest you, please send me a private message (iNat or my gmail works fine) with your preferred email address and I will send you an invite. Note: you will not be able to access this Slack workspace without an invitation.

cc @christopherswan @stevecollins @coolcrittersyt @stevekerr @jtweed @hr_dragonfly @b_coulter @pbedell

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