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Retired Physician now. And have studied robbers for 18 years. With, by chance, Dr. Jeffrey Barnes at UA Fayetteville for years until he retired. Hope he is enjoying that. Norm Lavers and I lucked into that relationship and collected specimens for about 7 years which we brought to him. Resulted in the summary paper for robbers in Arkansas and several other papers from Jeff on Atomosia (new species), Diogmites (new species), Ceraturgus. Studied butterflies for longer than that. Inordinate fondness for skippers. That may be an unnamed disease. Dragons for I don't remember how long. Whenever Sid came out with his book. He apparently married a birder and took off for the world. And I met Dennis Paulson, one of the worlds good people. Anyway, good work Sid. Good work Dennis. I will photograph anything that moves on a flower. Recently Bo Verser and I have been working on the ferns and orchids of north Arkansas.

Glad to be here. I still miss Greg Lasley. And I thank him for his past work. Did not realize what a iNat man he was. I still have some of his great photos on my website.

And the website is and always has been here.

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