17 de junio de 2023

Nature Walk on Casa Lavanda 14th June 2023

Today, I embarked on a leisurely walk through the enchanting gardens surrounding Casa Lavanda in Istanbul. The scents of blooming hydrangeas filled the air, their delicate clusters of petals displaying an array of captivating hues. Some stood proudly in shades of lavender, while others blushed with a gentle pink, as if kissed by the morning dew. As I meandered along the garden path, my eyes were drawn to an array of striking vascular plants. Their intricate network of veins painted a mesmerizing tapestry of life. The vibrant greens and contrasting patterns revealed the resilience and diversity of nature, reminding me of the interconnectedness of all living beings. A particular highlight of my walk was the encounter with the majestic red bush monkeyflower. Its fiery red blossoms commanded attention, adding a burst of color to the surrounding greenery. The delicate petals appeared as though they were aflame, inviting pollinators with their irresistible charm. Witnessing the intricate dance between flora and fauna, I marveled at the resilience and adaptability of these beautiful creations. Along the way, I also discovered the small-flowered onion flower, a delicate gem amidst the foliage. Its petite, star-shaped blossoms stood atop slender stalks, swaying gently in the breeze. Their soft, lilac petals seemed to whisper secrets of nature, inviting me to pause and admire their understated beauty. As I continued my stroll, I couldn't resist being captivated by the vibrant bougainvilleas adorning the garden walls. Their magnificent, papery bracts painted the landscape in shades of fuchsia, magenta, and coral, creating a vibrant tapestry of color. The bougainvilleas, with their unruly yet enchanting demeanor, added a touch of Mediterranean charm to the surroundings, reminding me of the rich cultural tapestry of Istanbul which I really missed during winter in Boston.

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10 de junio de 2023

Fist Nature Walk

I recently took a leisurely stroll through the enchanting Belgrad Forest in Istanbul, specifically focusing on observing the fungi and other microbial wonders that inhabit this natural haven. Belgrad Forest is the most extensive forest in Istanbul with great views and small lakes. The weather was pleasantly mild, with a gentle breeze rustling through the trees and a hint of moisture. As I walked, I saw the numerous fungi that dotted the forest floor and clung to decaying logs. The damp conditions and decaying organic matter provided the perfect environment for these captivating organisms to thrive. I marveled at the variety of fungi I encountered during my exploration. There were elegant clusters of mushrooms, their caps displaying a mesmerizing range of colors, from vibrant reds to earthy browns. Delicate mushrooms adorned fallen logs, forming intricate patterns that seemed almost otherworldly. Some fungi displayed a velvety texture, while others appeared slimy or fibrous. Each one was a testament to the remarkable diversity of life that resides within the forest. As I continued my walk, I couldn't help but marvel at the intricate network of mycelium—the underground thread-like structures of fungi—that connected the forest floor. These mycelial networks, hidden from view, facilitate the exchange of nutrients and information between trees and other organisms, forming a complex web of life. My walk through the Belgrad Forest was a gentle reminder of the beauty and intricacy of the microbial world that often goes unnoticed. It rekindled my love for wandering through the woods, allowing me to appreciate the subtler aspects of nature and the interconnectedness of all living things. This walk was a great chance for me to escape the city and go on a walk with the knowledge of nature that we are living in. As I made my way back to the city, I couldn't help but carry a newfound appreciation for the hidden wonders that lie beneath our feet, patiently awaiting our curiosity and admiration.

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