25 de marzo de 2022

Silphidae Was Dissolved as a family yesterday

Silphidae was dissolved yesterday. This means it doesn't exist anymore. All the species and genera and subfamilies that were in said family are now placed in Staphylinidae.

See this paper: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.211771#.Yjsx19scLL4

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18 de agosto de 2021

"American Hophornbeam" Indeed

An hour or so ago I went to post an observation on the Eastern Hophornbeam. The website corrected it to the American Hophornbeam. The problem is, no such thing exists. There is only the American Hornbeam or the Eastern Hophornbeam. I found this an egregious mistake. Please help me correct this.

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02 de agosto de 2021

Richmond User

Today, August 2, I met a nice guy at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. He told me he was taking a Citizen Science course at VCU. I made his acquaintance when trying to ID a Northern Red Oak. He says he uses INaturalist a lot. If you are that person, or a friend of that person, please message me. He seems friendly, and I would like to get to know him better.

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31 de julio de 2021

Project Kickoff!

Attention all Richmond residents! My name is Silas Eckhardt, aka Polistescarnifex. I am starting a few projects to keep tabs on the organisms that other users are observing in Richmond, Henrico county, and Chesterfield county.

They are:
Insects, Birds, etc of Richmond, VA (Umbrella Project):

Insects (and Spiders) of Richmond, VA: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/insects-and-spiders-of-richmond-va

Birds of Richmond, VA: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/birds-of-richmond-va

Reptiles and Amphibians of Richmond, VA:

Plants, Wildflowers, and Fungi, of Richmond, VA:

Mammals of Richmond, VA: https://inaturalist.ca/projects/mammals-of-richmond-va

If anyone, preferably a Richmond resident, or a person who travels frequently to Richmond, Henrico, or Chesterfield, would like to become a member, please contact me by replying to this post.

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