20 de marzo de 2023

Differences between early Eastern NA Anemones: Enemion biternatum, Thalictrum thalictroides, Anemonoides quinquefolia

Scientific Name Enemion biternatum Thalictrum thalictroides Anemonoides quinquefolia
Former Scientific Name Isopyrum biternatum Anemonella thalictroides Anemone quinquefolia
Common Name Alternative False Rue Anemone Rue Anemone Wood Anemone
5 petal-like sepals per flower 5–10 petal-like sepals per flower 5 petal-like sepals per flower
Flowers axillary Flowers in terminal clusters Flowers solitary on stem
Tiny white tips on blunt leaflets Leaflet tips blunt and green Leaflet tips sharp and green
3 leaflets per leaf 3 leaflets per leaf 5 leaflets per leaf
Leaflet sinuses deep Leaflet sinuses shallow Leaflet mostly toothed with few shallow sinuses
One leaf immediately below each flower Distinct circle of leaves immediately below flower cluster No leaves immediately below flower, but three whorled leaves further down stem
Fruit a long-beaked follicle, 4–5 per flower, creating starry cluster Fruit a short-beaked, ridged achene, >5 per flower Fruit a long-beaked, unridged achene, >5 per flower
Wet to mesic woodlands Mesic to dry-mesic woodlands Wet to dry-mesic woodlands
Often in large colonies Less often in large colonies Often in large colonies
Midwestern, not on East Coast Found on East Coast and Midwest Northern and Appalachian distribution

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