16 de junio de 2020

Battaristis nigratomella

I spent quite a bit of time over the past few days reading about Battaristis nigratomella and Battaristis concinnusella. I've come to the conclusion that these are the same species unless they can be more adequately separated with more data. For now, I will be treating them as the same and logging observations as B. nigratomella. Reading in the literature, there is some debate whether they are distinct species or not. The only difference apparently is the ground color of the base of the forewings, but even that is not clear.

I decided to look at data available at BOLD. For the entries labeled as one of these species, a phylogenetic tree created from that data shows a significant overlap. There are only a couple dozen total entries there, though. BOLD identifies 3 BINs in one of these species and 2 in the other. What happens if the same species is given two different species labels on BOLD? Will it create two separate BINs for them when unlabeled they would be in the same BIN? That's a question that comes to mind. So in reality the number of BINs would be some number between 3 and 5.

Looking at the whole genus, there is also intersection with entries labeled Mallaise6677.

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25 de mayo de 2020

Beetles of 2020

This post will serve as a log of beetle observations sorted by family and seen in 2020.


Fungus Weevils
Anthribidae - Anthribidae sp. Anthribidae - Euparius marmoreus Anthribidae - Trigonorhinus limbatus The one on the far left flew into my eye. That picture shows it sitting on the pad of my finger.


Leaf Rolling Weevils
Attelabidae - Homoeolabus analis Attelabidae - Homoeolabus analis Attelabidae - Homoeolabus analis


Horned Powder-post Beetles, False Powderpost Beetles, Branch-and-Twig Borers, Augur Beetles
Bostrichidae - Lichenophanes bicornis Bostrichidae - Melalgus plicatus Bostrichidae - Xylobiops basilaris


Soldier Beetles
Cantharidae - Rhagonycha sp. Cantharidae - Rhagonycha sp.


Ground Beetles
Carabidae - Amara sp. Carabidae - Calathus sp. Carabidae - Harpalinae sp. I have no idea how to tell most of these apart. I'm relying on the IDs from made by others. I suppose I'll add notes on how to identify them when I learn how.
Carabidae - Lebia viridis. Carabidae - Notiobia sp. Carabidae - Platynina sp.
Carabidae - Plochionus sp. Carabidae - Selenophorus sp. Carabidae - Stenolophus dissimilis


Longhorn Beetles
Cerambycidae - Anelaphus debilis Cerambycidae - Euderces reichei Cerambycidae - Hypexilis pallida
Cerambycidae - Obrium maculatum Cerambycidae - Phoracanthini sp. Cerambycidae - Rhopalophora longipes
Cerambycidae - Smodicum cucujiforme Cerambycidae - Sternidius mimeticus


Leaf Beetles
Chrysomelidae - Adoxini sp. Chrysomelidae - Adoxini sp. Chrysomelidae - Algarobius sp.
Chrysomelidae - Brachypnoea lecontei Chrysomelidae - Derospidea brevicollis Chrysomelidae - Diabrotica undecimpunctata
Chrysomelidae - Eumolpinae sp. Chrysomelidae - Iphimeites sp. Chrysomelidae - Rhabdopterus sp.
Chrysomelidae - Xanthonia picturata Chrysomelidae - Xanthonia sp. Chrysomelidae - unknown sp.


Checkered Beetles
Claridae - Chariessa vestita


Lady Beetles
Coccinellidae - Coccinella semptempunctata Coccinellidae - Harmonia axyridis Coccinellidae - Harmonia axyridis
Coccinellidae - Harmonia axyridis larva


Silken Fungus Beetles
Cryptophagidae - Cryptophagini sp. Cryptophagidae - Cryptophagus setulosus


Snout and Bark Beetles, Weevils
Curculionidae - Conotrachelus nenuphar Curculionidae - Conotrachelus sp. Curculionidae - Dorytomus mucidus
Curculionidae - Lignyodes horridulus Curculionidae - Sitona californius


Predaceous Diving Beetles
Dytiscidae - Copelatus chevrolati Dytiscidae - Copelatus glyphicus


Click Beetles, Wire Worms
Elateridae - Aeolus sp. Elateridae - Alaus lusciosus Elateridae - Anchastus rufus
Elateridae - Dipropus simplex Elateridae - Esthesopus parcus Elateridae - Megapenthes insignis
Elateridae - Melanotus sp. Elateridae - Selonodon sp.


Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Erotylidae - Pharaxonotha kirshii


False Click Beetles
Eucnemidae - unidentified sp. These are distinguished from click beetles by the angle of attachment between first and second segments of the antennae


Variegated Mud-loving Beetles
Heteroceridae - Heterocerus sp. Heteroceridae - Tropicus pusillus


Water Scavenger Beetles
Hydrophilidae - Chaetarthria pallida Hydrophilidae - Tropisternus lateralis ssp. nimbatus I would never have guessed the Chaetarthria was in this family.


Line Flat Bark Beetles
Laemophloeidae - Laemophloeus terminalis


Lightning Beetles, Fireflies
Latridiidae - Photinus sp. Latridiidae - Photinus sp.


Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles
Latridiidae - Melanophthalma sp. Latridiidae - Melanophthalma sp. Both images are likely the same species. The second one is included to show the insect in flight.


False Darkling Beetles
Melandryidae - Osphya varians Melandryidae - Symphora flavicollis


Hairy Fungus Beetles
Mycetophagidae - Litargus tetraspilotus Mycetophagidae - Typhaea stercorea


Sap-Feeding Beetles
Nitidulidae - Omosita nearctica


False Blister Beetles
Oedemeridae - unidentified Oedemeridae - Asclerini sp. Oedemeridae - Sparedrus aspersus


Dethwatch, Spider, and Wood-borer Beetles
Ptinidae - Calymmaderus Ptinidae - Stegobium paniceum Ptinidae - Tricorynus


Scarab Beetles
Scarabidae - Diplotaxis sp. Scarabidae - Diplotaxis sp. Scarabidae - Phyllophaga sp. Phyllophaga sp. are larger than Diplotaxis sp. Generally, if the size is over 12mm, it's Phyllophaga sp.
Scarabidae - Ataenius sp. Scarabidae - Cotinis nitida It's likely that several species of both Diplotaxis an Phyllophaga have observations, but they've not been identified to species, so only obviously different ones are shown.


Marsh Beetles
Scirtidae - .Contacyphon variabilis Scirtidae - .Sacodes pulchella Scirtidae - .Sacodes thoracica


False Flower Beetles
Staphylinidae - Anaspis sp. Staphylinidae - Diclidia sp. Staphylinidae - Diclidia sp.


Rove Beetles
Staphylinidae - . Aleochara sp. Staphylinidae - . Lathrobiini sp. Staphylinidae - . Tachyporus sp.


Rove Beetles
Tenebrionidae - Alleculina sp. Tenebrionidae - Alleculina sp. Tenebrionidae - Eleodes goryi
Tenebrionidae - Tribolium confusum


Hide Beetles
Trogidae - Omorgus suberosus

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Platynota rostrana and Platynota flavedana

It has come to my attention that it is only the females of Platynota rostrana that have the distinctive square shape. The males actually look more like Platinota flavedana.

Male Platynota flavedana has a tapered shape and is usually quite dark. Male Platynota rostrana has the shape of P. flavedana Female Platynota rostrana has a squarish shape. Here you see both a male and female P. rostrana and a P. flavedana.

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21 de abril de 2020

Unusual sighting: moth with three antennae

One of the most interesting moths this week is this Cacotherapia flexilinealis. It's unusual because it has three antennae. I suspect some injury to have occurred during the growth period of the antennae causing it to grow in two different directions.

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Weekly Moths

This will be my first journal post, so may be somewhat of an experiment. It seems that having a weekly summary of the new moths could be a good idea for journaling. I am keeping a tally of moths seen for the year. It would have been a good idea to start the journaling at the same time. However, since I did not, I'll just include new moths for the year seen over the past week. For the purpose of consistency, I'll define a week as local Sunday through Saturday. So we're already into the next week. Moths seen this week are:

  • Archips argyrospila
  • Archips grisea
  • Archips semiferana
  • Argyrotaenia quercifoliana
  • Blastobasis sp.
  • Clepsis peritana
  • Clepsis virescana
  • Cobubatha dividua
  • Costaconvexa centrostrigaria
  • Cyclophora nanaria
  • Dichomeris ligulella
  • Eupithecia sp.
  • Gretchena bolliana
  • Hypena scabra
  • Idia americalis
  • Melipotis indomita
  • Nematocampa resistaria
  • Nomophila nearctica
  • Orthonama obstipata
  • Panopoda carneicosta
  • Parapediasia teterrellus
  • Symmetrischema striatella
  • Tripudia quadrifera
  • Udea rubigalis

I suppose I should add something interesting. I've noticed that Orthonama obstipata sometimes rests with wings held out flat and sometimes with them raised . I'm curious about this behavior but have not researched it yet. I'm including an observation of each, mostly to test out that feature.

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