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05 de septiembre de 2020

Microscope Camera for Taking Closeup Photos of Moths

Here are some pics of my microscope camera showing how I use it for closeup shots. The microscope is an AD106S obtained from Amazon.

Here's the microscope attached to base in a normal arrangement for desktop use. This is really what I got it for - to inspect butterfly scale samples.

Here's the microscope removed from the base so it can be used in handheld mode for close inspection of moths or other tiny subjects outdoors. This is okay for real-time viewing but it is nearly impossible to take clear snapshots this way.

Here I've rotated the microscope around, away from the base so I can hold it up against a wall & hold it steady to take photos of tiny subjects.

Same as previous pic but here I'm holding it up against a wall just like I would be using it outside to take closeup photos of moths. Sort of a mini-tripod arrangement to hold the camera steady for height adjustment and focus.

This photo shows the grainy quality of a photo that has been zoomed and cropped too much.

This microscope camera is sufficient for taking closeup photos of some moths to aid in identification but the poor quality of the photos makes it undesirable for any kind of serious research efforts.

Link to Google photo album.

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