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17 de septiembre de 2019

Discord Server Update

Yesterday, on my iNaturalist Discord server, we got to interview the Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't guy from Youtube briefly. I started that server expecting maybe 20 people. 200+ members and counting, and now we're interviewing YouTubers. Second to getting out of bed in the morning, I think that's the best thing that we've achieved all year. Most of the credit for setting this up should go to @michaelpirrello.

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26 de septiembre de 2019

Southern Illinois Trip

I just got back from 4 days in Southern Illinois- I'm going to have a LOT of observations coming over the next few days since I took 1,800 photos over that time. My most interesting non-iNattable sighting was a barge stranded a mile inland near Miller City, Illinois, due to floodwaters from this spring.

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