Clinopodium douglasii and unknown along SCA Trail. Photo location issue resolved!

Yesterday ascending the SCA Trail from the parking lot up to Conzelman and then from Conzelman up the the ridge I noticed that the trail had been cleared (weed whacked). This is beneficial for hiking but obviously had an adverse impact on the vegetation that was removed. Sadly, I think that the Five Spot that was along the lower segment of the trail was removed.

On the segment between Conzelman and the ridge I noticed C. douglasii for the first time. The patch was not far from Conzelman. Further up the trail closer to the top I observed a patch of what I initially thought is C. douglasii however the leaves are distinctly smaller and iNaturalist's AI recognition system thinks it is Euphorbia which I disagree with because the leaves taste similar to C. douglasii.

Also had support from iNaturalist and it turns out that the photo location problem is related to the process by which the app obtains permissions necessary to read the coordinate data.

The fix involves completely uninstalling iNaturalist, re-installing it, creating an observation FROM WITHIN the app. This process will cause the app to ask for permissions to access the camera and access location.

After that, it is possible to share photos from a gallery app with iNaturalist to create new observations and it will correctly read the location data from the shared photos.

Publicado el agosto 27, 2020 04:32 MAÑANA por xpacifica xpacifica


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