Lonicera hispidula berry season on Mt. Tam

It's prime L. hispidula berry season on Mt. Tam right now. Very pleasant to see many red berries along the Troop 80 and Matt Davis trails yesterday.

Also saw a single Silene laciniata ssp. californica blossom for the first time in a long time today, along the Troop 80 trail.

Uploaded a Sequoia sempervirens observation with some photos from Van Wyck Meadow, some photos show the burn marks from previous fires.

Also saw some Clintonias with massive leaves, larger than a human hand. Don't think I've ever seen these in blossom.

I enjoy the Troop 80 trail very much however being so close to Panoramic Highway - the level of noise pollution is astounding. It's very disturbing to be in the middle of a peaceful hike and then be blasted out by ridiculously loud motorcycles. Some motorcycles are so loud their blasting noises can be heard miles away on the mountain.

If people really care about protecting nature and providing a sanctuary for living beings, this noise needs to stop. I also cannot imagine how anyone could camp anywhere along Panoramic Highway such as in the Bootjack Camp or Pantoll. They are so close to the road and it would just seem terrible to not be able to enjoy peace while camping.

I was hiking rather late in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Imagine the noise on a busy weekend. Terrible.

Oh yes - one last thing - saw a bat flying near a bridge over a creek along the Troop 80 trail. One of the few times I've ever seen a bat in California (used to see a lot of them in Pennsylvania as a kid). (I'm sure they're not that uncommon, I just don't get to see them usually.)

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