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26 de agosto de 2019

Getting to know friends

Now that I'm learning more species when I hike it's like seeing old friends along the trail: There's a Lonicera with its pretty berries hanging down. There are some Eriogonums. There are Aralias. There's a Corylus. There's the rare Maianthemum along the Matt Davis trail that I only know in this one spot near a stream. For now I'm content to know the genera names.

Today I uploaded observations for a few different oak species. The most interesting was one with smaller leaves with pronounced spikes.

I also took a picture of a point along Old Railroad trail where it appears that there are two different manzanitas side-by-side, one is lighter in color and one darker. I know that there are several types on the mountain so would like to learn to differentiate them.

I also took my Zoom H2N audio recorder on the hike today and recorded in addition to Northern Flickers and Stellar Jays a "bouncing ball" bird and another interesting bird with a repeating call.

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