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I consider myself an all around naturalist. I love all of nature.
I am here for the science and nature of it all. I love learning about all of the earth's creatures, and appreciate this forum.

Birder: Citizen Scientist for many many years through Christmas Bird Counts (CBC) on refuges and preserves throughout Texas, and the Great Backyard Bird Count.
Other Birder: Prairie Bird Survey on Indiangrass Wildlife Sanctuary 2018-2019

Other interests: Field Research on Vegetation Survey: Indiangrass Wildlife Sanctuary 2019; butterfly monitoring 2018-to present.; Growing native plants.
Land Stewardship, Field Research & Volunteer: Wildlands conservation as Texas Master Naturalist.
Field Research & Tour Guide Volunteer: Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, Concordia University, Austin, Texas, and the
Field Research & Tour Guide Volunteer for "Bridges to Birding Program": Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, Marble Falls, Texas.
Pollinator Studies: SixLeggedAggie Pollinator Study (2019-2021); Sunshine Gardens Zebra Heliconias Experiment (2019-2020).
Austin Memorial Park Cemetery - Wildflower Meadow Survey Team 2023.

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