Andrew Thomas

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I'm 15 and highly interested in birds and the subject of ornithology. I was born in Spokane and still live in northern Spokane trying to get out and about as much as I can. iNaturalist was recommended to me from a friend who I respect and is very good at what he does, go follow him @mark490. I was first introduced to birding when I was 8 but didn't really find it very interesting 'till i was 13 when I saw my first Great Gray Owl at our house. Ever since I try to get out every day and I've got the first Eastern Purple Finch record for eastern Washington and the 5th or 6th state record. I enjoy watching birds such as the Lesser Goldfinch and Red-bellied Woodpecker extend their range.
Any questions or are visiting Spokane and would like to go birding, my email is

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