James Bailey Curador

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About Me

I am an all-around naturalist, on an eternal mission to document the life that calls this planet home.

For me, this hobby is a passionate tandem of curiosity, respect, and desire to unravel the mysteries that the world holds. One could even entertain that there is an art to the form of how species develop, and integrate with the ecosystems that they both create, and thrive off. My passion, and my focus, is to document as much of this flora and fauna as possible.

While much of my fieldwork is a venture of curiosity with no specific goals, many other treks come about from a desire to fill in known gaps in distribution, diversity, and ecology.

Photo Usage

By default, my photos are given a non-commercial license. For those interested in using my photos, for any and all reasons, let me know. I'm always curious where they end up!

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