James Bailey Curador

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Hello! I am an all-around naturalist, on a self-appointed mission to document species and their ecology!

About Me
Outside of the house, I am a dedicated ecologist, aiming to document as many species as I can, not just the big and bright ones. In part, I hope to contribute to our knowledge of population trends and distribution, but in another part it is an effort just to make sure as many species are photographed as possible. More species are vanishing than we can count, and we need photos to help record how these species acted in life, outside of a museum collection. Every species has its own story to tell...and I'm listening!

Inside of the house, I am working on ways to connect nature with other people, through sources that are less conventional. Whether that means video games or digital field guides, I hope to bring the joy of the outdoors to more. There is a "real" fantasy on our very doorstep, after all!

Photo Usage
If you want to use my photos in any publications or guides, let me know!

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