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I have intractable wanderlust and travel frequently and often with little planning. If you are planning an iNat Blitz anywhere in the world, invite me and I might show up!

I'm an engineer with a lifelong obsession with nature. I LOVE ARTHROPODS AND INVERTS! In June 2017, I became a certified Texas Master Naturalist with the Lost Pines chapter.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, lived in Central Texas for 8 years and now live in central Ohio. I'm a certified scuba diver and volunteer with bird banding projects.

Social Media!

FaceBook page
I set up a page on Facebook for nature stuff. My personal page was almost exclusively me posting cool bug things as I see them, but I keep a very strictly locked down profile. I don't always have the energy to do formal posts in the other media but I always get excited and want to share things in real time.

Facebook? More like FaceBUG

A blog where I highlight particular species, interesting behaviors, observations from hikes, and forays into raising bugs from eggs/nymphs to document physiology and behavioral changes in species. Mostly photos, but includes some videos and gifs. Targeted at a general audience with the goal of inspiring people to look at nature more closely.

A personal account which ended up being mostly bugs and cats.

I started a youtube account to host the myriad of videos I accumulate of interesting behaviors. I include links to specific videos on my observation pages, and I provide a link to my iNat observation page on the youtube page.

Bug Guide
Still figuring out how I want to use this site as a contributor. My contributions to Bug Guide will probably be mostly life cycle series, interesting behaviors, and host plants/dietary preferences that I had to figure out myself due to a lack of this information being available.

I use iNat as my primary way to track everything I see, but I'm starting to use eBird more regularly for when I don't photograph EVERYTHING. Also using iNat observations to create historical accounts to fill out my life list.

Also. I'm so addicted to iNat I created a "novelty" profile for my love of pigeons. Trying to create a map of pigeons I've seen across the world. @pigeonlover

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