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Software developer by day, wanderer-by-bicycle and botany enthusiast in a bit too much of my off-time. I'm especially interested in using iNaturalist to enable the grassroots restoration of native plants and healthier urban ecosystems.

I maintain Forage ABQ, an online guide to foraging for non-native and abundant edible plants in the urban Southwest. I'm a member of Cool it Burque, a group working to plant native food forests in Albuquerque. I grow NM native mesquites and teach workshops on their propagation.

I've organized plantings in Nob Hill's Historic Fairview Cemetery and created an iNaturalist project to track biodiversity here. I'm working to further the cemetery's role as a naturalized garden of native and near-native plants that serves as an island of urban biodiversity and a model for community-run restoration beyond private gardens.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you'd like to get involved in any of the above!

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