Elliott Gordon

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Hello! I'm a Civil Engineer in New Mexico and proud iNaturalist addict. If you want help with an observation or an explanation of an ID, please tag me and ask. When you notice a mistake, please tag me and I will fix it.

Volunteer 'neighborhood ambassador' with Friends of Valle de Oro NWR to promote gardening for wildlife in central New Mexico. I use iNaturalist to track garden visitors and inhabitants (over 1000 species and counting).

Contributor at https://pollinatorweb.com, a resource for gardeners in Arizona and New Mexico. Sunflowers are one of our favorites. Articles and posts featuring my garden:

Tribe Cheloneae has become my unofficial specialty on iNat. For Penstemon, please check out my journal posts. I also help with Heliodinidae and moths of Southwestern USA, native bees, gall flies/midges/wasps, and native plants of the four corners region, such as:

  • Chamaesaracha
  • Mirabilis
  • Phacelia
  • Rosaceae: Amelanchier, Cercocarpus, and Fallugia
  • Sphaeralcea

Instagram: @elliottgordon2
Reddit: u/Pollinator-Web

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