Alan Bedggood

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Since retiring in 2015, I have become a grass twitcher, collecting plant voucher specimens of Australian grasses. I am not so keen on bamboos, sugar, or cereal crop species (maize, wheat, barley, commercial rice, etc). Pasture grass species that have become weeds are included in my collection.
I currently have 460+ specimens in my private herbarium (Oct 2020).
I obtain state plant collection permits and contribute to state herbariums with suitable specimens to extend knowledge about species distribution.

I enjoy naming grasses where I can as it reinforces my knowledge and allows me to see what is flowering each month and where.
When I log in, I filter the observations to Australia and Grasses. Thus, I only see those observations that someone has at least called a grass (or any genus of grass).

I realise that there are few grass people about. Through iNat, I may be able to meet up with one or two of them on my travels, when we can start again.

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