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I observe, identify, and help curate taxonomy for bees, wasps, and additional wildlife, and have helped and add complete species checklists including unobserved species for New York State and other locations (to use, select the Compare/Suggestions Checklist filter). My main interest is the discovery process of first online identifications of rare, described, undescribed, or new species, and new species locality records. My entomology and taxonomy experience and training so far includes a related Biology M.S., Contributing Editor, NYS pollinator surveyer, and brief museum volunteer and leader of one Thacher State Park pollinator bioblitz walk. I've occasionally collected specimens for research or education, although mostly observe living wildlife. If viewing my photos, the Has Photos filter is recommended. Along with pollinators, some of my photos explore urban ecology-related topics like urban greenspace habitats, green infrastructure, and the natural rewilding of abandoned environments. Feel free to message or ask about my experience or identifications. I check all notifications although sometimes after a delay.

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