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My name is Rachel and I'm a PhD student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I am currently studying symbiotic viruses of Ichneumonoidea.
Previously, I studied Ophioninae of California and Flies of the Palmyra Atoll.

I have quite a bit of experience IDing insects from my time as a curator and research assistant for the University of California, Santa Barbara Invertebrate Zoology Collection. I've also taught some general insect ID workshops and created insect guides for research projects associated with UCSB.

In terms of observations, I mostly image things that are not my area of expertise; such as spiders, plants, and lepidoptera. Many of the other observations are from participating in local bioblitzes and research projects. I also love keeping my eye out for things that other people tell me they are excited about.

How do I know if I have an Ophioninae? They have:

  1. Laterally flattened abdomen (taller than wide)

  2. Adventitious/spurious vein in forewing
    3.Lack of areolet in forewing

What about Netelia?
Netelia are Ichneumonid wasps of a different subfamily than ophs but can look extremely similar!
Unlike ophs, Netelia WILL have an areolet!

Feel free to tag me in any potential Oph observations to help with ID. I am subscribed to the taxon but I feel like some slip through the cracks :)

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