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Sir Sandford Fleming College Graduate Alumni - Fish and Wildlife Technician
Acadia University - Biology and Environmental Sciences
Algonquin College - Environmental Management and Assessment 
Algonquin College - Business & Agriculture

I am a professional fish and wildlife technician, wildlife scientist and biologist from Ontario, Canada with 30 years of knowledge, skills, and experience.

I have a passion for nature and conservation. Although through attending university for biology and environmental sciences, which I found to be more political based rather than science based. I have found that my interests are more focused on ecology and zoology. Which seem to be more science based.

I am a professional of high standard with extensive knowledge, skills and expertise in many subjects such as fisheries management, wildlife management, wildlife rehabilitation, ecology, camera trapping studies on predatory wildlife, ornithology, microscopy, and identification skills of all walks of life from the microscopic to the largest. I have worked with the Ontario Commercial Fisheries Association under guidance by the MNRF as a fish ageing lab technician and have extensive experience and knowledge on Canadian fisheries and fish species. Including identification, ageing techniques and sustainability. If I do say so myself, my otolith extraction skills are excellent and I have extracted thousands from many species.    

Inspirational people in this field for me include Jeremy John Wade and the late Stephen Robert Irwin (22,02,1962 – 4,09,2006) for there outstanding, genuinely inspirational work in conservation and sharing their knowledge.

I have an interest in birding and in 2019 I made a goal for myself to have photographed 100 different species of birds. I succeeded at this goal and finished off the year with 112 species. In 2020 I broke that record and finished the year with photographing 189 species. Including a rare Plumbeous Vireo (Vireo plumbeus). Which is recorded as being Canada's third sighting and the only sighting supported by a photograph. 

I also have an interest in fish, fisheries management and anything aquatic. I greatly enjoy catch and release fishing, minnow trap and aquatic invertebrates sampling, hiking, wildlife photography, birding, microscopy, writing music and playing guitar.

I also enjoy identifying protists, algae, protozoans, ciliates, amoeba, parasites and other microscopic organisms using microscopes. For my graduation present I decided to award myself with a compound microscope so I could keep up with these studies. It is a darkfield / brightfield & Phase contrast microscope with 4x Plan, 10x Plan Phase, 20x Plan Phase, 60x Plan, 40x Plan Phase & 100x Plan Phase objectives and a reticle eyepiece which I calibrated myself so I can take measurements of specimens.

As well as a stereo microscope for larger specimens such as fisheries, botany and entomology. With 0.5x & 2x Barlow lenses.

Both microscopes are trinocular with a DSLR adapter for recording videos and taking pictures.

I also enjoy using trail cams for camera trap studies of local wildlife populations. Especially for predators like coyote's and foxes.

My biggest passion and goal would be to work with apex predators large and small, as I have a strong interest in that and would like to gain more experience. Working with bears, wolves, coyotes, crocodiles, alligators, sharks, large snakes, etc.

As a sample of my work, I wrote a technical report on using micro-invertebrates and macro-invertebrates as bio-indicators for water quality assessment and using diatoms and algae as bio-indicators for pollution assessment.

Technical report can be found here:!AlytKAUpVrJdkBV20g2m0su8hLVf?e=gwa4ez

Inat project page can be found here:

As another sample of my work, here is another project that I have done. It is a fish ageing project of fish I sampled from Lake Erie. Using scales and otoliths to age fish accurately.

Disclaimer and Legal Notice.

Please kindly ask me first before using my observations and data as I require that I be credited for my observations, photographs and data.

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