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I like to ID FL bivalves (especially micros and tusks) and some gastropods and will often site Marlo's website: (technical and compares similar species) https://olram9.wixsite.com/letstalkseashells
Here's a good page to learn the lingo https://www.seahorseandco.com/bivalveshell
feel free to @ me to ask for more info about why I made my ID.

About me:
I am a bonsai enthusiast (hence the username), all-around science lover, white-water canoeist, hiker, nerd, mountain biker (I'm learning), Trekkie, blackbelt, reef tank owner (although there's only one coral), avid outdoorsman, Christian, fiddler (also mandolin), snow skier, geologist, dog lover, young-earth apologist (I love science), and eventually biosystems engineer. I’m also a huge fan of Creation Magazine and mathematical fractals in complex numbers. Although I will do research on and take pictures of almost any living thing, I am most interested in arthropods and seashells. I have a particular interest in collecting micro seashells (mostly because they take up little space in an already large collection). I’m an enthusiast in almost everything but I have no formal training. If you think I’m mistaken, you are probably right but please tell me why, I’m here to learn. 🖖 Live long and prosper!
“lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path” Proverbs 3:5-6

Profile picture: I'm sitting on a steep sandstone ledge covered with stunted Virginia pines with some bonsai buddies on a collection trip.

If you would like to know why anyone would ever be so crazy as to be skeptical about molecules-to-man evolution, I can explain the basis of conflict in many areas of science and biblical doctrine. Or visit here where the world's best Ph.D. Christian scientists have written many myriads of articles https://creation.com/qa if you think you have a stumper like how the dinosaurs fit on the ark for a year or how the freshwater fish survived the flood—challenge accepted!

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