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You could consider me a bicycling and hiking naturalist. Initially, most of my observations were made while riding the hills of Yorba Linda, CA and the Santa Ana River trail. Most of my time is now spent hiking the local trails in California, and taking camping trips out of state. I enjoy photographing the flora and fauna on my trips and learning about the local wildlife.

In 2011, I started bicycling the Santa Ana River National Trail, from Corona to Huntington Beach CA. I joined the Sea and Sage Audubon Society to learn more about birds, and assist with bird counts. I also send tagged White Pelican info to Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and to the Utah Avian Ecologist – Wildlife Diversity Program. I also send tagged Turkey Vulture information to Band Reports at the USGS.

In 2019, I learned about the Inaturalist program, and started sharing my observations of birds that I have photographed over the years. My Inaturalist project is called the Santa Ana River Birds. My plan is to include my observations over the years, and any future photographs and information. The Santa Ana River begins its long journey behind the high San Bernardino mountains below the Gorgonio Peak, the highest peak in Southern California rising 11,503 feet above sea level. I have hiked to the Gorgonio Peak, but never hiked down to the headwaters of the Santa Ana River in the southern San Bernardino Mountains, at the confluence of two tiny streams, Heart Bar Creek and Coon Creek, at an elevation of 6,991 feet. I would appreciate any bird photos taken at this location.

Due to the California drought causing the lower Santa Ana River levels, and the Santa Ana River Mainstream Project making channel modification for flood control along the 30 miles of the Santa Ana River from Prado Dam to the Pacific Ocean, the bird count and wildlife has been adversely affected. Thus I have started to do macro photography of any flora and fauna to keep me busy on my bike rides and hikes.

I retired over 23 years ago as a Senior Programmer Analyst, and found this hobby a great way to spend some of my time during the Covid-19 pandemic. I consider myself a very amateur photographer and naturalist and depend on the expert naturalists to keep me honest on the IDs of my observations. Thanks for your assistance in this enjoyable endeavor.

Ramon(Ray) Evans

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