Juan Esteban Salazar

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Juan Esteban Salazar is an ornithologist, neuroethologist and educator based in Chile. He has a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Chile, and throughout his career he has been interested in the evolution, behavior, and neurobiology of nightjars (Caprimulgidae), focusing on understanding the relationship between foraging behavior and its neuroanatomical basis in this group of birds. Also, Juan has a long career in teaching and scientific communication, lecturing in ornithology, zoology and neuroscience, and collaborating with several birdwatching and citizen science projects in Chile. Currently, Juan is the Outreach Coordinator at the Chilean Bird and Wildlife Observers Network (ROC), and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Congreso Chileno de Ornitología 2024 - Tagua Tagua.

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