Nicholas Wei Curador

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I'm a student in California focused on the taxonomy and identification of orchids, primarily those of North America, although I am expanding to other continents as well. My interests lie mainly in the mostly terrestrial subfamily Orchidoideae, as well as terrestrial members of the Epidendroideae, though all orchids fascinate me.

Since I've joined iNaturalist, I've gained an extraordinary wealth of knowledge about orchids from fellow members all around the globe. I strongly believe in the value of sharing scientific knowledge and encouraging others to care for the environment and am thankful that iNaturalist provides a platform for those ideals to thrive. Please feel free to tag me on any orchid observations you have!

During my time here, I've also encountered and acquired some understanding about other non-orchid native organisms, from other plants like fritillaries, clarkias, and tarweeds to animals like garter snakes and slender salamanders. iNaturalist is truly a place for learning!

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