Christin New

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Introverted but willing to discuss birds. And plants. And pretty much everything. I grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains near La Honda, so I have a really keen passion for that unique habitat under the redwoods. I love focusing on specific parks or areas over the course of many years to understand their rhythms and the patterns of all plants and animals that live in them.

My spark bird as a child was the Stellar's Jay; my spark bird as an adult that re-ignited my passion for birds was the Burrowing Owl. Specifically, I discovered a solitary owl (likely a juvenile) living at Bedwell-Bayfront park in 2017; the rest, they say, is history. I've really taken a deep dive into becoming an amateur naturalist (thanks, iNat) and honing my birding skills (thanks eBird).

Some of my favorites: Dudley's shield fern, any salamander, lichens galore, and drab birds that confound ID'ing skills.

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