Cosmin Manci

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Ever since I was a young boy I was passionate about nature, plants, bugs, animals…you name it. I used to spend endless hours surrounded by a fantastic world, and as I grew up this feeling didn’t leave (I think that only grew with me at the same time). After finishing primary school I continued my studies at the Forestry Highschool in Timișoara, and after this, one of the obvious choices (at least for me) was to study Biology. This was done at Timișoara West University. I finished my MSc and PhD at the “Babeș–Bolyai” University in Cluj working on dragonflies.

During the years I was involved in different projects and published several papers.

Any time it is possible I try to freeze some of the moments I am fortunate to see in nature. I do this in photos… and all these websites are in part because of this.

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