Levi F. C. Smith

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Naturalist located in Northeast Florida. I study, watch, and raise Lepidoptera species to gather info regarding their diet and other understudied facts about them. I track animals and study their tracks which are understudied and have very little data collected on them - incase you cannot tell I prefer to study and learn about the more understudied species and subjects. iNaturalist is an amazing place, join us and hop on the train of endless research!

Field Guides:
My Widow Identification Guide for North America: https://www.inaturalist.org/guides/18700?view=card&print=t&layout=book. Important paper to go with it: A Description of the Identification Factors of the Genus Latrodectus in the field for North America: A multi part series created for the description of the Genus Latrodectus

Work in progress guide to host plants of Lepidoptera: https://www.inaturalist.org/guides/19547

How I use iNaturalist: Firstly, submit my own observations and put in my own small help with the scientific community. Secondly, track certain species and study any peculiar behavior they may show through multiple observations. I do this with all animals, but especially Herps and Spiders. If you know anything at all like this shoot me a ping and I'll look into it.

How I Identify on iNaturalist and what I am confident identifying: Primarily I identify Lepidoptera species and Latrodectus spiders. Aside from that I know most medium-to-large Florida fish. Wildflowers, spiders, reptiles, and other Florida wildlife are species I should be able to help out with one way or another.

Ping me whenever you need help identifying anything!

My Current Projects:

  • Completing a guide to the Widow Spiders of the world.
  • Monitoring the populations of Long-Jawed Orbweavers, Southern, Northern, and Western Black Widows, Gopher Tortoises, Marsh Rabbits, and Loggerhead Shrikes
  • Uniting all of the Lepidoptera projects of Florida to create one united tracking/learning resource. See our current progress and umbrella project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/lepidoptera-of-florida

An important note about iNaturalist: https://www.inaturalist.org/journal/cs16-levi/91989-important-note-about-inat

Areas I have traveled: I have traveled all over in the sense of looking for animals. I have been to the West Indies to look for Jamaican Giant Anoles (and other herps), The Florida Keys for Bonefish, Maine for Crab Species, and the cold creeks of New York for salamanders.

Useful Links: My Ebird Profile, A Heat Map For My Identifications, Observations I Have Commented On, and My Most Used Identification Link (Theridiidae and Papilionoidea )

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