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I consider myself a naturalist by conviction. My passion for biodiversity comes all the way back to the 80s when I was a kid, I used to photograph with Kodak cameras, then a heavy Pentax and others until the digital cameras were accessible.
I have wide fieldwork experience across South America with basis in Peru.
My research has led to the discovery of 20 new species for the Peruvian flora with more yet to come. Caryophyllaceae is my main expertise but I am also interested in other families.
I enjoy being in Inaturalist a lot, thanks to it I keep learning so much about the taxonomy of many interesting groups, across all divisions. As a university professor, I use Inat maps to teach about the distribution of different species.

I am currently based in Herbarium Berolinense Berlin so my IDs come directly from consulting type material and duplicates here stored.

Some info about what I study/do:

  • Caryophyllaceae of the Andes and the World.
  • Senecioneae from the Andes.
  • Cushion plants of South America and their ecology.
  • Desert ecosystems and historical rainfall studies.
  • Arctic and Antarctic flora.

I have published several scientific articles and six books/guides. I also collaborated in the edition of other scientific works so you will find my photographs in publications and books by other authors.

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