David Gil

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Passionate observer of my surroundings, I turned my curiosity about everything into plenty of hours studying spiders, first in the Iberian peninsula, then Europe. Last year on a mission to clean European wrong old identifications for Entelegynae and bring a few dozen species to the AI model. Now focusing on observing my privileged environment.

Personal stats (Spring 2023):

  • Spain spider families 35/56 - Cardoso, Branco 2019; Kuntner et al., 2023
  • European spider families 35/66
  • European spider genera 123/729
  • European spider species */5490 - https://araneae.nmbe.ch/statistics
  • Global spider families 36/135
  • Global spider genera 126/4334
  • Global spider species */51359 - https://wsc.nmbe.ch/statistics/
  • Arachnid orders 7/13
  • Insect orders 20/24
  • Hexapoda orders 23/30

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