Daniel McRae

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I've worked at the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project in Prince Edward Island, Canada since 2008 with a focus on Ecological Restoration & Environmental Education.

I'm currently leading two research projects.

Krummholzing Coastal Forests - This project is focused on wind-swept coastal habitats, particularly along the North Shore of PEI. The study aims to better understand the relationship between high mean annual winds, coastal geomorphology and associated ecological communities. To learn more: https://macphailwoods.org/projects/krummholz

Black Ash Trees on PEI - This is a project in partnership with the Abegweit Conservation Society to inventory and assess the black ash population across PEI. Goals include testing restorative silviculture techniques in forested wetlands on PEI, native plantings of black ash and associated species, and monitoring for EAB. To learn more: https://macphailwoods.org/projects/the-black-ash-project

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