Eric Koberle

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University of Wisconsin - Madison alum (BS in Landscape Architecture) and Certificate in Environmental Studies. I am passionate about the outdoors, and learning as much as possible about environmental sciences and the landscapes that shape our planet. Specifically interested in ecological design, and the importance of preserving native habitats of all types. Currently working in south OC at a multi-disciplinary design firm in the landscape architecture sector.

I was born and raised outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Moved to Southern California in 2017. My ID knowledge is mostly self-taught, focusing on plants of the Midwest and (more recently) California. Weirdly obsessed with plant identification, mapping native ranges of species, and understanding the relationship of plants and animals to their respective ecosystems... so I suppose I fit in pretty well in the iNat community?

Feel free to contact me about using any of my photos for publications or prints. Most of my observation photos are taken with my Sony A7Riii. Currently in the process of setting up a website to post more of my landscape and plant photos / blog about my hikes and travel adventures. On Instagram @erickoberle

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