Zachary Robertson

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I am a 16 year old aspiring marine biologist, with general interest in the NZ environment, particularly marine environments .

While I like to spend my time exploring marine areas, when I am unable to I find myself enjoying local exploration of forests and rivers. It is quite enjoyable, though I am still learning lots about all the different species.

While I have previously uploaded every animal I come across, I am now only going to add new species or interesting finds. For Marine environments I am going to continue to upload everything.

I enjoy searching for sea slugs (nudibranchs and sacoglossans), fish, and crustaceans the most. At the present I am particularly looking for:

  • Amphipods - living in seaweeds: and hopefully with good enough pictures and help with ID can get to species level with this article.
  • Nudibranchs - In particular: Caldukia rubiginosa, Atagema molesta, Acanthodoris molicella, Tularia bractea, Trinchesia (alpha, beta, reflexa)
  • Fish - In particular: Brotula, Cryptichthys, Gilloblennius, Acanthoclinus rua, Gobiopsis atrata.
  • Decapods - Halimena aotearoa, axiidae.

On iNat, I typically only identify marine animals from NZ, but will provide other ID's that I am confident on. I am always happy to talk about taxonomy, identifications and various other things.

I like to talk about nature, and the environment so please feel free to message/talk to me about it, I really enjoy having conversations with other like-minded people. even if it is online.

If you would like to use any of my pictures or observations, please send me a message and I could potentially send a better photo.

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