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Interested in the biology of bryophytes, lichens and associated fungi. Current projects include the bryophilous fungi of UK temperate rainforests, the genera Lizonia and Bryostroma, and understanding the genetic basis of sexual reproduction in bryophytes.

My interest in natural history began with the finding of an odd seaweed-like plant growing along seepages on an old railway bridge in 2015. I finally found out that this plant was the liverwort Conocephalum conicum, and decided to learn more about this fascinating group. I soon brached out into mosses and lichens, and then into the ecology and parasites of these organisms. My focus shifts between different groups of organisms, at the moment centring on microbial plant pathogens.

Note: I check over a large number of bryophyte observations and sometimes do not provide reasons for ID because I do not always have much time. If you would like to know why an ID was suggested, feel free to comment or to message me. I like to go over all UK bryophyte observations in particular but am happy to look at observations from anywhere. All of my IDs are hypotheses based on photographs provided and as such there is an error rate (I'm only human). Naturalists should be aware that cryptogams are not always identifiable from photographs but we can often get closer than "Bryophyta" or "Fungi". And for the love of dog please don't use the species suggested by the programme for bryophytes! It uses a small amount of mainly North American species that are clogging up the system. Not every pleurocarpous moss is Anomodoon attenuatus! Please just put "Bryophyta" and tag one of the bryologists to take a look.

Twitter: @ilichenmoss

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British Bryological Society
International Association of Bryologists
British Lichen Society
Isle of Wight Natural History and Archaeological Society
National Biodiversity Network

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