Harry LeGrand

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My interests include most animals and plants in North Carolina, especially birds. I am the author (or primary author) of a number of websites on the North Carolina Biodiversity Project: Birds of North Carolina, Butterflies of North Carolina, Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina, Mammals of North Carolina, and Vascular Plants of North Carolina. In addition, I have developed (with Tom Howard's help) a number of the checklists on the NC Biodiversity Project, for which there are as yet no websites of the taxonomic groups. I am fortunate to have a native plant named for me -- Marshallia legrandii [Oak Barrens Barbara's-buttons] -- found now only at single sites in northern NC and adjacent southern VA. I had found the NC population in the 1980s and felt sure it was not something that was previously described -- though it took until 2012 for the formal description (by Weakley and Poindexter) to be published. I am the senior author of the recent book (published by UNC Press in 2024) entitled Butterflies of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia: A Field Guide.

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