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Hi Everyone,

I enjoy the outdoors, photography, hiking and recently photographing anything wild and alive. I live in the Ramona California area and am surrounded by neighborhood horse/nature trails, beautiful nature preserves, county parks, state parks and the Cleveland National forest. My interest and curiosity of wildlife continues to grow.

I almost always venture out with our family dog "Shelby", a GSD/Husky mix. We have a great time together, get great exercise, nature therapy for me and sniff therapy for her. She does cause me to miss some photos opportunities and outright scares off some wildlife, but we are a package deal and I have a 900mm lens to compensate. Also, she hasn't scared off a single plant yet allowing me to use one of my macro lenses.

My education background is less typical for this site as I have a BA in Computer Science and have been a Software Engineer/Developer for over 25 years. My current job is with KaiOS Technologies where we hope to get the next one billion people on the Internet via affordable feature phones (not quite so smart phones). I work with the cloud team in San Diego. These phones have cameras, so maybe a iNat app one day??

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