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Hiking distances, combined with mixed amounts of birdwatching, dragonfly searching and butterfly stumbling. Mostly in the Netherlands, sometimes abroad... hopefully more than 3 times in Japan.
As a dutchman my main recordingsite is / Dutch feedback on Japanese moths (and other families) is scarce so I will try to post all Japanese photo-aided records here.
On the go I will add other records too. Not least because I think this site benefits from records-contributions.
2020-09-28: adding photo-supported species of my 'worldlist', in order of appearance (last: 658 - Wall Brown).

On my ID's: I try my best at ID-ing (mostly) Japanese birds, dragonflies and butterflies. I have some field experience with Japanese species, but I do my best to check other species too. It helps me get a better understanding of what i can expect next time i am in Japan. Of course I also want to help others ahead with their ID. While doing so I may sound a bit strict or cocky even sometimes... Also when my ID turns out to be wrong. I intend to avoid that but sometimes it slips past the controls: pardon me for that.

my dutch records:
my japanese (photo-supported) records:

helpful link to go back to your ID's:
to get larva of species or families: add &term_id=1&term_value_id=6

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