Jackson W.F. Chu

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I'm a photography enthusiast. I use iNaturalist much more for personal rather than professional purposes at the moment. I like to take photos of organisms that are completely new to me. Many thanks to everyone for teaching me how to properly identify the species in my photos.

My background: marine biologist trained through an MSc, PhD, and several postdocs. I have broad research expertise in mapping and monitoring biodiversity in our oceans. While I'm not formally trained as a taxonomist in my work (except for a few sponge species), I do have an appreciation for a variety of species as a result of having spent most of my personal and professional life exploring the outdoors. Please have a look at my various ocean-centric projects!

Here are some of my observations grouped into categories of interest:

I'm not an expert of any one particular group of species. For those interested, I would greatly appreciate ID suggestions on my observations in need of verification!



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