Christian Jacobs

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I am just a freshman with an interest in fireflies, cicadas, and most mecopterans. I also co-own a project called Cicadas of North America North of Mexico with @thecicadadude and @hexapoda.

I have been photographing for around three years. I recently became interested in fireflies of the U.S. (mainly NE), so I purchased Lynn Faust´s Glow Worms and Lightning Bugs. This last summer, I spent a lot of time collecting different species of fireflies, and identifying them based on flash pattern, and the amazing content that the guide contains. As of now, I have found 6 different species, and hope to find a few more! Photinus curtatus, Photinus pyralis, Pyropyga minuta, Pyropyga decipiens, Lucidota atra, and Photuris. I now know a lot more about this amazing family, and if you have any questions or concerns about firefly IDs, I would be glad to help. (disclaimer: I´m not an expert, just a high schooler trying to make the best IDs possible based on the evidence given)

Special thanks to my friend @thecicadadude, for getting me started on this site.!

Finally, thank you to all of the amazing people who strive to make this site a better place!

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