Janet Gingold

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I love going out for a nice long walk just to see what I can see. My mother was a Rachel Carson fan back when I was a kid. She taught me about our backyard birds and trees -- and, more important, she shared her sense of Wonder. I might not know the names for many things, but I love learning new things about old friends and discovering things I've never noticed before. I particularly enjoy seeing how things behave and interact and imagining why things are where they are and why they do what they do. I'm getting better at capturing images with my iPhone and Easy Macro. As I make observations, I realize how much of cool stuff about the living world I am unable to capture because I'm too slow or too far away. Then I remember my dad telling me, "You can either live life or photograph it." I welcome suggestions about how I might make my observations more useful to scientists who use the data.

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