Jan Newton

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Native plants are my passion! I love, photograph, learn about about and promote the conservation, restoration and responsible propogation of our native flora. I give slide lectures on the importance of native plants for the survival of wildlife, such as birds, butterflies and hummingbirds. I am a member and serve on the board of the Alabama Wildflower Society (Alabama's native plant society) and serve as Interim President of the newly forming East Alabama Chapter of the AWS. I have been a longtime member and served on the state and local boards of the Virginia Native Plant Society.

I am have been learning about mycology for the last few years and am a member of the Alabama Mushroom Society and am a member of the Fungi of Alabama FunDiS Project. I love learning about the many connections and important interactions mushrooms and mycelium have with surrounding plants and other organisms. Some would say that I have become obsessed with finding mushrooms!

I am a certified water quality monitor and regularly test the chemical and bacteriology status of the Saugahatchee Creek in Alabama. I serve on the board of the Save Our Saugahatchee (SOS) nonprofit organization. I earned my chemical and bacterial water monitoring certification from the Alabama Water Watch organization.

I love hiking and camping and being in the woods, on the beach, near or on rivers and creeks, in meadows, etc.

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