Joe Metzger

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My primary interest is in vascular plants in nature, but I also have some knowledge on non-vascular plants as well as most animal groups, both vertebrate and invertebrate. I have been doing this as long as I remember, at least back to age 3. I'm still learning after six decades. I lived in Prince George's County until I was 4½ when we moved to Texas for a short while. From then until I was 17, I moved with family to VA (briefly), then Okinawa, back to VA and then to Japan. At 17, I moved back to MD with my family to Frederick County in the summer of 1968. Until 2014, I lived in Frederick County and now I'm living just inside Allegany County, MD. Looking north from my house, I see PA, less than a mile away. Looking west from my house, I see Garrett County, less than a mile away. I've led thousands of walks for the public and special groups and continue to remain active in that. I also go out by myself or with one or two interested individuals to search special areas.

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