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I am a postdoctoral researcher in paleoecology, studying mainly fire-climate-vegetation interactions in boreal forests of eastern Canada.
I have always been passionated about the world that surrounds us, especially arthropods. iNaturalist is my way to share my data, to learn how to identify species living across our world, but also and especially to teach others to identify: sharing experience is the basis of knowledge! Especially for me, who (really) love travelling, discovering new places in the world, and obviously new species that sometimes I didn't even suspect they existed!

You are totally free to tag me whenever you want to ID your findings! It would be a pleasure to help you. IDing bugs, herps and more generally all unloved creatures at every second is my way of life! But some of you may hate me during a hike where I stop every 10 seconds!
I am also deeply interested in popularizing science. You want to write a short article together? Do not hesitate to contact me by private message and we can discuss about it!
Although I am interested in many arthropods, I have a deep interest in the identification, study and monitoring of Odonata. They are spectacular and surprising insects: they are among the greatest predators at both the larval and imago stages, can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h, and fly over 7000 km! It's crazy, isn't it?
I've recently become interested in their exuviae: these represent a proof of local reproduction, and are therefore of deep interest for monitoring populations over time. This is of major importance in a context of changing climate and multiple threats to our 4-winged friends! So I have created this group, to record evidence of their reproduction throughout the world.
At the same time, I am collecting the exuviae of all existing species worldwide: a crazy and vast (and probably impossible) project, but one in which I believe. My aim is to create an identification guide to dragonfly exuviae for each region of the world, so as to better monitor their evolution. You have found an exuvia in a wetland: Take a photo and upload it to iNaturalist! Would you like to help me? Contact me by private message and we'll arrange for you to send it to me!
My heatmaps:

All my observations still need IDs or validation!


I look forward to meet you on a field trip!

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