Josh Vandermeulen

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I am a naturalist originally from Ontario, Canada, and the owner of ONshore Birding (, a nature and birding tour company here in Ontario. At the moment, my main interests include birds, herps and Lepidoptera, but I am interested in just about every facet of the natural world. Please do let me know if I've made a mistake with my identifications as I am always keen to keep learning and improving.

My wife and I quit our jobs in August 2019 with a plan to travel throughout the Neotropics for several years. We spent three months in Ecuador, two months in Colombia and one month in Costa Rica until the pandemic shut down our travels. We are looking forward to getting back to our travels soon! We are hoping to spend at least two more years traveling, mainly throughout Central America and South America.

I also work as a guide for Quest Nature Tours, leading tours in several locations (Colombia, Galapagos, Cuba, Borneo, Spain, Ethiopia, Jamaica). I love visiting remote places. Some of my favourite activities include watching bird migration in the autumn on the shores of James Bay, night-hiking in the tropics, picking through a mixed flock of birds in Central or South America, spending time with a population of Eastern Massassaugas that I've visited for the last decade, setting up my moth sheet and seeing what curiosities appear, and searching for endemic bird species in far flung locations.

I finally joined iNaturalist after some gentle prodding from several friends and have quickly grown addicted. I have almost finished uploading all of my past photos to the site. As far as I am concerned, iNaturalist is the best thing to happen since eBird!

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