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I’m a 17 year old greek birding enthusiast and feather collector and i’ve been interested in birds and collected and identified their feathers for 4 years. Willing to do something related to ornithology in the future so i try learning new things about birds daily (and have benefited a lot by adding IDs here on iNat!). I record all of my feather-related finds here along with some birds and other things i find outside.

My main focus is European and North american birds (especially raptors and songbirds), but my feather knowledge is universal so i can identify all sorts of tricky birds from other parts of the world solely based on their feathers.

On that matter, if you ever find live/dead bird or feather identification challenging or need explanations about an id i made, feel free to tag me (as many times as you like) and i’ll be happy to help! Just make sure it's not eggs or a nest, i'm not there yet :P

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