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The natural world inspires me and grounds me. I have a Bsc in Zoology and Psychology, I love citizen science and I was born a conservationist. I am passionate about pollinators (bees in particular...) and am an avid wildlife gardener. My special interest is solitary bees.

I serve on the Executive Committee of The Johannesburg Garden Club and The Gardens of The Golden City. My nearest green lung is the Melville Koppies which is a phenomenal indigenous grassland - one of the few true representations of what vegetation in Joburg was like in years gone by. I also coordinate gardening activities at a local government school. I support the Joburg City Nature Challenge and the Great Southern Bioblitz.

I have a small business called Urban Apiary.

I love iNaturalist as the contribution that it makes in recording species and I believe it will be an invaluable in determining the impacts of climate change in the future. I am currently doing my Masters degree.

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