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A Young teenager from Southern part of India.
This website was introduced to me by my nature mentor ( Jai Sharma Sir).
I loved INat the day I started posting my observations,and within three months I could see a change in me. INaturalist is making my bond with nature even stronger and I am learning a lot everyday.
If anyone is having any nature related doubts like about mammals,reptiles(lizards mostly and some times snakes too) and birds( I am not an expert but I know that I can help you out). Everyone are free to message me,I am fine with that.
I love going to many nature camps that is filled with completely green area as it is way amazing than a staying in a concrete structure with all the technology and luxury that you need.
This is my INatForum summary https://forum.inaturalist.org/u/karthikeyaeco/summary

Also this is my first project on INaturalist:

Under 21? Please consider joining https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/young-naturalists-community !

naturelover #explorer #insectlover(especially butterflies and flies)


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